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6 DIY Projects For Newbies

Home improvement is a great way to build value in your home while you enjoy working with your hands.

Many people enjoy DIY projects. Even if you have never picked up a hammer before, there are plenty of projects that are easy to start, especially for the first-time homeowner. Some people discover that they love home improvement projects so much they end up using their newfound skills to "fix and flip" homes for a living.

Even if you have humbler ambitions, tackling some DIY projects is a great use of time and saves money on minor improvements. Let's look at some of them right now:

  1. Replace Door Knobs, Switch Plates, and Furniture Hardware
    All these items can be replaced quickly with a simple screwdriver. All you need to do is buy some replacements of the same size, pop them in, and re-tighten the screws. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how this can revitalize a room.

  2. Apply a Quick Coat of Paint
    Painting might look like a big job, but it's easier than it seems at first. A can of paint and a simple brush and roller combo will give you the chance to completely transform a room. With the right color palette, it can add thousands to your home's sale price.

  3. Refresh the Floors
    The floor may be down low, but it's one thing you should never overlook when renovating your home. The fastest and easiest DIY project for flooring is to rent a commercial carpet cleaner and do some deep cleaning. It can take as little as an hour per room.

  4. Brighten Your Light Fixtures
    Light fixtures are easier to replace than they are to repair, of course, and they can add a touch of beauty to any room when they're new. This fix uses the existing wiring, so all you have to do is be sure you've turned off your electricity at the breaker panel before you go to work.

  5. Do a Little Landscaping
    You don't have to be a gardening aficionado to update your front yard and add a lot of curb appeal in the process. Putting in some shrubs and decorative paving stones from the local garden store can do the trick. Just be sure you select a hardy plant that doesn't need constant attention.

  6. Show Your Furniture Some TLC
    Everyone has a favorite chair, couch, table, dresser, or other item that's been around the block. You may not want to replace it, but you can give it new life. It's especially easy to bring wooden items back with sanding and a fresh coat of lacquer.

Getting involved in a bit of DIY can give you a tremendous sense of satisfaction. Once you see the results you can get from a tiny bit of time and effort, the inspiration is likely to start flowing.

All in all, these subtle touches — occasionally fixes, repairs, and updates — could make your home feel more comfortable and might even help you catch a buyer's eye when that time comes!

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