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Use Lighting to Transform Your Home

Interested in giving the interior of your home a fresh, new look but not interested in home improvement projects that require knocking down walls or major remodeling? While it is often overlooked by homeowners when redecorating, the lighting that you choose plays an important role in bringing out the best of your home. The right lighting can help you decorate your home in style, bring life to lesser-used rooms, and even help small spaces appear bigger than they really are. Today, we're going to take a closer look at key tips for transforming your home with interior lighting.

Lighten the Mood: Tips for Transforming Your Home with Interior Lighting

Choosing the right lighting to transform your home depends on an understanding of the latest trends, along with the classic concepts of interior lighting. By taking advantage of both, you can create a unique, new look for your home.

  • Pendant Lighting Is In – Pendant lighting, which hangs from the ceiling, is a very popular look, especially in kitchen areas. It's perfect over a kitchen island or for making a small room with a tall ceiling feel roomier than it actually is. You'll find plenty of unique, modern looks if you choose to shop for pendant lighting as part of your next home improvement project.

  • Spreading the Light Around – No matter what type of lighting you choose for a room, it's important to make sure that the light is spread around. One lamp or large light in the center of the room just isn't enough, and spreading the light around is another easy way to make a room feel bigger.

  • Ceiling Fan or Chandelier – Looking to bring new life to a den, living room, or master bedroom? Consider installing a chandelier instead of a ceiling fan, which will provide plenty of light while serving as a centerpiece of your interior decorating. Of course, chandeliers are also a great, classic choice for dining areas.

  • Lovely Lamps – In addition to the light that they provide, the lamps in your home are the perfect place to show off your sense of style and accent your interior design. Lamps come in all shapes and sizes, from attractive antique pieces to one-of-a-kind DIY creations, so with a little digging you're sure to find something that fits your sense of style. Since you can move them around, lamps are also great for spreading the light around each room.

  • Bringing Light to Darker Places – While the lighting fixtures that you choose are naturally a key part of the process, sometimes transforming your home with lighting is as simple as making sure that light is reaching all of the right places. Dark corners and heavy shadows can make a large room look small, so be sure that each room has enough lighting to look its best.

  • Wall Lights for Tight Spots – Not every room or alcove will have enough space for large light fixtures, so consider using designer wall lights in tight areas that could use some extra light. Wall lights are ideal for corners, closets, and other tight spaces in your home.

Smart, stylish lighting choices can make such a difference in the interior of your home, and new lighting is often inexpensive compared to larger home improvement projects. There's also a ton of room to customize your lighting based on what suits your taste and what you hope to accomplish with your lighting in each room. Next time you're thinking about ways to re-imagine your home's interior, be sure that lighting is near the top of the list.

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